About me

Where it all began

Hi, my name is Michel better known as DLP Music. I was born on May 26, 1985 in the Netherlands. Music has been a big part of my life. When I celebrated my 8th birthday I got my 1st single: no limit of 2 unlimited. Since then I have never let go of music. The years went by and I listened to many different styles of music, mostly trance, pop and dance. I developed good hearing and started DJing in local bars and clubs.

When I turned 26, I became more and more interested in how all the music was made. That was when I started studying music production and I stopped DJing. I have now graduated as a SEN pro audio and mixing engineer and I have completed many online and offline masterclasses.

With my company DLP Music I mainly specialize in high quality sample packs, sound design, mixing, mastering and the production of brand music for companies and online content. Through a broad network of musical professionals, personal guidance and a creative, positive mindset, DLP Music creates a unique style that is not tied to genre. My goal is to help people and businesses on their musical audio journey and provide the world with great sounding music.


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