Mixing & Mastering


Mixing is more than just making the various elements in the mix “fit” and creating a nice sound. Mixing is also emphasizing the musical aspects of the played parts. Above all, mixing is about giving feeling to the sound of the song for optimal communication to the listener. Mixing is a technical activity in which the technique serves the feeling. 

DLP Music can help you deliver a professional sounding mix! A good mix consists of:

– Balance
– Panning
– Dynamics
– Frequencies
– Stereo image


When you have a good mix, the next step is mastering. When mastering music, you bundle the whole of the mix in one channel. You can then fine-tune this ”Master” as desired. For example, adjustments include dynamic compression to leave room for the artist’s vocals.

After small adjustments it is time to increase the volume of this one channel, without compromising the quality. By means of limiting, among other things, you create a piece of music that meets the requirements of streaming services such as Spotify, iTunes and YouTube. Mastering can be applied to both instrumentals and full songs.

DLP Music makes a professional mix & master accessible for beginning to advanced musicians. Get in touch using the form below to see what we can do for you.


First you hear 15 seconds of the unmastered track, then 30 seconds of the mastered track. 

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